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Swiss Global Wealth Management

At SSA Swiss Advisors we operate with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relations with our clients. We strive to understand their financial situation intimately so as to provide only the highest quality advice, services and strategies tailored to helping them reach their personal wealth management goals.

About us

SSA Swiss Advisors AG, registered in Switzerland with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) and in the United States with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), combines know-how and Swiss stability with a sophisticated investment approach.
Affiliated with Ombud Finance Switzerland (OFS) for dispute resolution in financial matters (


We want to look back and see that none of our clients nor their expectations have been left behind and that we have fulfilled each one’s objectives to perfection.


We value our independence as a company which allows us to focus solely on making decisions in the best interests of our clients.

We endeavor to demonstrate our understanding of your special needs. We work to provide the right solutions.


In all of our actions we are genuine and honest with our relationships and are willing to accept discomfort to

maintain it.

Working with you transparently and for the long term are the keys to our success.

Innovation means combining traditional service with sophisticated investment management

Our concept is simple and proven

Our Services
The advantages
of traditional
Private Banking
  • Specialization to leverage expertise and minimise conflicts of interest

  • Independence in the idea generation and decision making processes

  • High Quality Service thanks to a human dimension and strong personal relations

A clear focus
on Investment
  • Modern Investment Style aiming at absolute return that draws on techniques to reduce volatility

  • Conservative the first step to growing wealth is to protect it

  • Consistent focus on stable consistent returns over the long run



Success should be limitless, regardless of borders

Our management provides you with an essential asset: diversification. Investing in different regions and currencies lets you expand your investment opportunities and, most importantly, ensures better risk spreading.

Swiss reliability and


You get the best of both worlds when we manage your investment assets: the solid banking, political stability and financial expertise that characterizes Switzerland's reputation and the sophisticated management typically associated with institutional managers.

Our talents: active management and capital preservation

From an investment standpoint, the best management preserves your capital. Our approach is designed to be even more reassuring as it tries to avoid declines and pursues stable returns over the long term.

We use active management to manage risks and identify opportunities. This undeniable asset, based on strong convictions, helps us in seeking to optimize results.

The art of taking risks consists in managing them

Our active management is responsive, dynamic, rigorous and flexible. It adjusts to unexpected situations and changes in macroeconomic scenarios. We adhere to disciplined processes that ensure transparency in decision-making and reproducible results.

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