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Solutions for Global Investors

Bespoke solutions

As experienced investment advisors, the asset management solutions and high level of service we offer helps achieve optimal returns.

We are specialized in meeting the needs of U.S. clients and international High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). We provide global expertise with strong European know-how.

Simple and effective discretionary portfolio management

We offer discretionary portfolio management mandates to our investors. You receive the full benefit of our expertise and the experience of seasoned professionals dedicated to meeting your expectations.

Performance is our goal

and your satisfaction is our priority

Investment profiles_V2.png

Understanding your exact needs, your personal situation and your investment preferences are necessary steps to enable us to precisely define your investment profile and build the right portfolio.

Our commitment to you is total and our service fully tailored to your needs.

Mandate relevance and specificity

Our wealth experts advise you on the best choices. We offer five different management profiles that weight expected performance and potentials risks based on your personal expectations.

Beyond performance, the best portfolio is one that meets your expectations

We take into consideration the investment constraints and parameters you want to implement. We are flexible and responsive when it comes to monetary, geographical, sectoral or other constraints related to asset classes or ethical criteria.


 Management Fee

This is an annual 0.9% fee of total Assets under Management

Minimum charge of CHF 225.- /quarter

Performance based Management Fee *

This pricing consists of two separate parts:

  • Management Fee of 0.45% per annum of total Assets under Management

  • A performance fee of 15% of the outperformance above the 6 month LIBOR rate

  • Minimum charge of CHF 225.- /quarter

* The performance-based fee option is only available to “qualified clients” per the Adviser Act

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