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Terms and conditions of access and use


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully to acquaint yourself with the restrictions governing access to and use of this website.

Access to the website and viewing and using its contents imply acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you disagree with them, even partially, you are requested to leave the website immediately.

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. We recommend that you review them on a regular basis.

Data collection and cookies


What is a cookie?

SSA Swiss Advisors electronic services use cookies for statistical purposes, security, as a tool for our web developers, and to improve the user experience.  Cookies are text files which are placed and stored on any device used to browse the internet when you visit a website. They are stored for a limited time and allow you to be identified. Some are vital to the website's navigation and security, while others make it possible to customise page contents based on certain criteria, such as your areas of interest, where you live, etc.

The cookies we use:

There are numerous types of cookies, each with its own specific purpose. Below you fill find the categories and functions of the cookies we use.

  • Functional cookies: These cookies are required to access certain parts of the site or improve your browsing experience. We store them for a period of three weeks.

  • Statistical cookies: These are cookies enabling us to collect information on the performance of our website such as the number of visitors and pages visited. We store them for the duration of the session or the day. 

  • Social network cookies: The site includes several third-party cookies which enable users to interact with other networks.

You can share information from our site on the following social networks: “LinkedIn”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, “YouTube”, “Google+”.

Managing cookies

In accordance with applicable regulations, website users may restrict or refuse the installation of cookies on their device via their browser settings. Please note that cookies make it possible to improve the browsing experience on our website and your browser settings may prevent you from accessing certain areas and/or functions of the site.

Below you will find the procedure to follow, depending on your browser:



Processing personal data


In the context of business relations with our existing customers and/or relations with potential customers, SSA Swiss Advisors collects and processes your personal data in order to offer you financial and banking products and services.

SSA Swiss Advisors attaches great importance to protecting your data. By continuing to use this site or by contacting us, you explicitly agree to our data processing policy.

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